Add site owner verification code for a free blog

Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to prove to Google that they are the owner of a particular website.

To do this, a Webmaster needs to register on Google Webmaster Tools. He is then given a code that he needs to place at a certain location on his website. Google will then send a crawler to that location to look for he code. If the correct code is found, the Webmaster has effectively proved that he has control over that domain.

Google will then show the webmaster various statistics related to search terms, crawlers and links on the claimed website.

Now for quite some time, I was somehow under the impression that free blogs ( could not prove ownership of their blog since there was no way to upload files to the domain or to add Meta tags to the blog code which is another way that Google allows you to add the code to your site.

Well, silly me. It turns out that even free blogs do have a way to add the required Meta tags. But in my defense, they have really put it in a place where it is hidden away quite well.

Click Tools under the Tools menu on the left hand side bar. Scroll to the lower part of the content section of the page. And here you see the “Webmaster Tools Verification” section. You can enter codes for Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Center over here.

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2 Responses to “Add site owner verification code for a free blog”

  1. Madhur

    Cool…didn’t know that 🙂

  2. Janet M

    thank you! Really I had to look around to find this info. Thank you!