New feature suggestion for Picasa and GMail for easier exports

Got hundreds of photos from parties, birthdays, marriages and outings strewn around on your hard disk? You’re probably missing something if you’re not using Google Picasa to touch up and organize them. It has some very cool features and a really slick UI.

Well, here’s something I miss in it. Picasa 3 Beta is out but they still don’t have a feature which would allow exporting images in GMail attachments into Picasa web albums directly.

Picasa’s suggested way to get images from GMail is to download the pics to the hard drive, have Picasa scan them into an album and then upload them to Picasa (the tool for this feature is very well done!).

But I don’t see what could be keeping them from implementing a page in GMail that would show thumbnails of images grouped by email alongside a button to export selected images to Picasa with an album title. A little bit of intelligence can be added by providing a filter that searches for images that can be identified to be from a Digital Camera by looking at the EXIF header or whatever kind of metadata the image file has.

Why would this be a great feature? Because everyone I know seems to have many photos “somewhere” in their GMail account that were emailed either to or by them. Only a few of them use Picasa. If they see the easy-to-use feature suggested above, not only will GMail help them organize things better, it will also push adoption of Picasa with people.

I suppose this feature needs to be implemented (mostly) by the GMail team rather than the Picasa team.  I sure hope somebody is at least thinking about implementing this already. I, for one, would find it useful.

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One Response to “New feature suggestion for Picasa and GMail for easier exports”

  1. Arun

    A good suggestion – i too expect the same from google. Thanks