Patni walk-in ad on Facebook

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Patni Computer Systems is a large IT services company and operates out of several locations in India. A few days back Facebook decided to show me this ad for walk-in interviews. Nothing unremarkable about it except that it is probably the first IT company ad that I saw on Facebook. Interesting. Many people fill in […]

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Context sensitive intelligent advertising programs have become really smart lately. The text “waste of time” on some website I happened to be passing through was linked to an ad for “” (that’s a popular Indian matrimony portal)! Clearly, the folks at Infolinks are good. Very good!

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Googling Sun Developer Network leads to Microsoft Visual Studio ad

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I just Googled “Sun Developer Network”. Look what turned up! Hahaha! An ad for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which says “Defy All Challenges”. (Screenshot inserted at end of post) It seems someone at MS Marketing realized that the realease of NetBeans 6 would be the best time to entice OpenSource platform users over to the […]

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