Patni walk-in ad on Facebook

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Patni Computer Systems is a large IT services company and operates out of several locations in India. A few days back Facebook decided to show me this ad for walk-in interviews. Nothing unremarkable about it except that it is probably the first IT company ad that I saw on Facebook. Interesting. Many people fill in […]

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Add site owner verification code for a free blog

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Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to prove to Google that they are the owner of a particular website. To do this, a Webmaster needs to register on Google Webmaster Tools. He is then given a code that he needs to place at a certain location on his website. Google will then send a crawler […]

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Firefox 3 – The awesome bar

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A new update to Firefox has just been made available. An up-to-date version should now be at 3.0.2. Update soon if you have not been auto updated already. Incase you areĀ  still on the 2.x version for Firefox, you should know that the 3.x versions have greatly improved performance for JavaScript based apps (besides other […]

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New feature suggestion for Picasa and GMail for easier exports

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Got hundreds of photos from parties, birthdays, marriages and outings strewn around on your hard disk? You’re probably missing something if you’re not using Google Picasa to touch up and organize them. It has some very cool features and a really slick UI. Well, here’s something I miss in it. Picasa 3 Beta is out […]

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Don't post onto your blog too fast to avoid losing traffic!

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So I had this bunch of posts that I had written that I recently decided to post to this blog too. I broke up the entire content into several posts and made 14 posts in quick succession (in about an hour which involved formatting, tagging, posting). My advice, don’t do that! I noticed that since […]

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