Wildcard in Java classpath

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One of the less known new features of JDK 6 is the ability to use wildcards in classpaths. That means that instead of doing… java -cp lib\x.jar;lib\y.jar;lib\z.jar; com.company.MyProggy …you could just do… java -cp lib\*.jar; com.company.MyProggy That generally turns out to be quite a time saver. Especially so if you are trying out something at […]

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Sun JDK 7 released

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As of this moment, if you google “sun jdk” you get a Google SiteLink to ‘Sun JDK 7 Update 17’ in the search results. Yay, let’s all update to the latest JDK! Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s obviously a mistake. JDK 7 is still under develpment. The link leads to JDK 6 Update […]

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Configuring Eclipse to use a JDK at a location with spaces in it

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I was setting up my Eclipse environment with some new plugins today and ran into some trouble, which seems to have bothered many souls as I gather from the posts I found when trying to fix the problem. Some tools/plugins/features in Eclipse may need to use a JDK rather than a JRE. Sometimes you may […]

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