Add site owner verification code for a free blog

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Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to prove to Google that they are the owner of a particular website. To do this, a Webmaster needs to register on Google Webmaster Tools. He is then given a code that he needs to place at a certain location on his website. Google will then send a crawler […]

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Firefox 3 – The awesome bar

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A new update to Firefox has just been made available. An up-to-date version should now be at 3.0.2. Update soon if you have not been auto updated already. Incase you are  still on the 2.x version for Firefox, you should know that the 3.x versions have greatly improved performance for JavaScript based apps (besides other […]

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Googling Sun Developer Network leads to Microsoft Visual Studio ad

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I just Googled “Sun Developer Network”. Look what turned up! Hahaha! An ad for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which says “Defy All Challenges”. (Screenshot inserted at end of post) It seems someone at MS Marketing realized that the realease of NetBeans 6 would be the best time to entice OpenSource platform users over to the […]

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Fixing a problematic optical mouse

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I have had a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse for around 2 years now. And in these two years I’ve mistreated it more than any other piece of computer hardware I own. Dropping it many times, falling asleep on it, stepping on it being some of the abuse it survived. And it worked well for me […]

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Microsoft & Monopoly

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When I played the game “Monopoly” several years back, I had no idea that a monopoly was a bad thing. But trust me, it is. Most of the people I know still think that Microsoft is the greatest software company out there and that MS has done a great service to all of us by […]

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