Force Firefox to save passwords even if the page disables autocomplete

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The remember password feature in Firefox is a huge time saver. Of course, if you use it, you better be using the ‘Master password’ feature too which locks down all of your saved passwords with one password that you get asked for just once – the first time when Firefox tries to load a saved […]

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Firefox 3 – The awesome bar

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A new update to Firefox has just been made available. An up-to-date version should now be at 3.0.2. Update soon if you have not been auto updated already. Incase you are  still on the 2.x version for Firefox, you should know that the 3.x versions have greatly improved performance for JavaScript based apps (besides other […]

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Updating Firefox 2 manually using a MAR file when auto-update fails

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Remember that using anything but the latest version of your browser leaves you open to a whole bunch of vulnerabilities for which exploits are easily available. So going the extra mile to ensure that your browser is updated should be well worth the trouble. Mozilla recently released updates for Firefox. In some cases, Firefox may […]

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A Simple Firefox 2 XML Hack

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Here’s something I did recently and want to share with other Firefox fans out there. Firefox 2 has a little Search Box built into the browser into which one can type in ones search queries without going to the search engine website. Usually, the default behaviour for the Search Box is to send its query […]

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