New feature suggestion for Picasa and GMail for easier exports

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Got hundreds of photos from parties, birthdays, marriages and outings strewn around on your hard disk? You’re probably missing something if you’re not using Google Picasa to touch up and organize them. It has some very cool features and a really slick UI. Well, here’s something I miss in it. Picasa 3 Beta is out […]

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Vetal Tekdi trek from MIT college (photos linked)

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Vetal Tekdi trek Once in a while I feel the need to drag my lazy ass away from my PC and go trekking. I like trekking. But getting to a trekking spot is the problem. I don’t have a bike. Not too many people realize that there’s a pretty neat place one can go trekking […]

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Trekking to Sudhagad fort

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Sudhagad fort, believed to have been in existence since 200BC, is at an altitude of around 2000 feet and was once one of Shivaji’s strongholds but is now mostly in ruins. Due to its distance from the city (123 kms from Pune) it promises a beautiful spot for a trek as few people travel the […]

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