McAfee anti virus mcshield.exe process eats 100% CPU too often


McAfee recently gave away free 6-month licenses to their anti virus suite as part of a Facebook promo. I got one too and have been using McAfee since then. I am not impressed with the software at all. The configuration UI takes way too long to load. There is no way to tell the software […]

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Turn off the Windows Automatic Updates ‘Restart later’ nag screen


One of the most annoying dialogs in Windows XP is the one from Automatic Updates that tells you that updates are installed and a restart is needed  The annoying bit about this is that you cannot make it go away. The most you can do is ‘Restart later’. Do that and the the dialog jumps […]

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How to create a file of arbitrary size with fsutil in Windows XP

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This post is a sequel to – How to create a file of arbitrary size in Linux Few people have used the fsutil command in Windows. Here is how you can use it to create a file of any desired size – fsutil file create myFile.dat 10240 This will create a file of size 10KB […]

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Check for corruption of files using md5 checksum

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You just transferred a large multi-gigabit file from your build server to your QA server. You want to check if the files are exactly the same. Data corruption can happen for many reasons! What do you do? Remember, just because two files are the same size, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. It […]

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Partitioning help for multi booting Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP safely

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A few days back, the Windows installation on my PC at home got corrupted. So I decided to reinstall Windows and multi-boot it with Ubuntu. I backed up whatever data I needed from the desktop hard drive onto my laptop and proceeded to have fun trying out all kinds of acrobatics with no fear of […]

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